High pressure soft start in the Russian steel industry MMK put into operation
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MMK is the largest steel joint company in Russia, the largest steel joint company in Russia, located in the Ural car in the town of Magbiezk Maggitore Gorsk, about 10 km northeast of Magigne ( And the Ural River (Eurasia), was built in 1929.

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Company for the first time in 1932 iron, in 1933 began production of steel and steel. To the eve of the war, built a mineral processing, sintering plant, coke oven, blast furnace 4, 16 flat furnace, rolling mill 11. Russia Magnaitogorsk (MMK) is Russia's largest steel joint venture, ranked 20th in the world, its products account for about 20% of the Russian market share.

Application Product Model: CMV-1400-6

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