CMC-LX series motor soft starter

CMC-LX motor soft starter is a new type of motor starting and protection device that combines power electronics technology, microprocessor and automatic control. It can smoothly start/stop the motor without stepping, avoiding mechanical and electrical shocks caused by starting the motor with traditional starting methods such as direct start, star/delta start, auto-coupled step-down start, etc., and can effectively reduce the start-up. Current and distribution capacity to avoid capacity expansion. At the same time, the CMC-LX soft starter integrates a current transformer, and the user does not need to connect externally.


”ī SCR trigger closed-loop control algorithm SCR closed-loop control function, designed for standard load and heavy load. The user can select the current limit start and the voltage ramp start according to the load condition to achieve a smooth torque-free oscillation start effect.

”ī High control precision Real-time Cortex-M332 bit core CPU execution center control, fast speed, high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

”ī Beautiful appearance Patent protection The main circuit has three-in and six-out structure, built-in current transformer scheme, convenient wiring and high reliability.

”īAvailable standard MODBUS-RTU protocol users can choose to use the standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol or not according to the needs of the site when ordering.

”ī Integrated advanced protection function has protection functions such as input and output phase loss, overload, over current, phase current imbalance, thyristor over temperature, etc., to protect the motor and related equipment.

”īAll refractory materials below 90KW are all-plastic shell structure, processed by flame-retardant ABS material. The upper cover of 90KW and above power cap is molded and the main frame is made of aluminum-zinc plate material. It has heat resistance and resistance. Corrosion characteristics.

”īThe external lead panel can be externally led to the operating surface of the device for remote operation through the fuselage interface, which is convenient for on-site use.

”īMaintenance is simple. The monitoring signal coding system consists of 4-digit digital display, which monitors the working condition of the system equipment for 24 hours and provides fast fault diagnosis.




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