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One, the frequency control system defects
■ boiler feed pump is a continuous constant speed, and the flow is controlled by adjusting the regulating valve and branch pipeline return achieved using valve adjustment, due to the decrease of the valve opening , pump outlet pressure rise, the pressure difference on both sides of the valve increases, resulting in a waste of energy but also easy to damage the valves and bearing wear.
■ boiler drum (cited) fan air flow with temperature (negative) change often produces changes, using the valve adjustment maneuver is also difficult to control accurately, high-speed operation of the fan noise on the environment also produced high levels of pollution.Due to prolonged high-speed operation, the fan bearings and motor temperature are high, reduce the life of the device.
Second, the process requirements
■ furnace pressure remained stable.
■ drum water level remained stable.
Third, the frequency control scheme
1, drums, Fan Chain:
  only first start induced draft fan, blower to start, the blower can be opened separately.If the blower fan down immediately shut down.
2, induced draft fan
  to blower closed-loop control block diagram as shown, using differential transmitter, converter, fan pressure closed loop consisting of automatic control of fan speed, so that stable micro vacuum furnace.

3, blowers
    blower frequency transformation of closed-loop control block diagram as shown, using temperature transmitters, converters, blowers closed loop consisting of automatic temperature control blower speed

4, the feed pump
   to pump frequency transformation of closed-loop control block diagram as shown, using pressure transmitter, transducer, pressure feed pump consisting of a closed-loop automatic control of pump speed, the water level remained stable values.

5, the system has a frequency inverter operation and running in two ways, when the inverter fails, switch to power-frequency operation.
Fourth, the inverter control advantages
■ Energy saving effect is obvious.
■ easy to implement coordinated control and closed loop control.
■ soft start the motor, reducing the impact of current.
■ reduce equipment operating loss, extended equipment life.

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