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1, escalators Overview
    escalators in shopping malls, bus station, airport, commonly used as a manned lifting equipment.Guangzhou, a large mall with two automatic up and down escalators, using 11kW (four-pole) AC motor drive, through a reduction gear box and drag the escalator running.As one of two escalators up, the other as down, running for some time after the artificial exchange, ie the exchange of the downlink uplink and downlink to uplink switching operation.During operation, the flow of customers at different times there are large differences may sometimes take the escalator one person can not, because customers come randomness, it is impossible in the absence of an escalator ride will stop running, outstanding escalator speed control can only be rated speed idling, so very economical to run, wasting a lot of energy, and, chain, belt wear and maintenance cycle is short, to the normal use of a lot of trouble.Therefore escalators frequency control, in the absence of lower speeds when riding, it was a smooth ride again when accelerating to rated speed.This can reduce the chain, belt wear; speed is reduced, the motor output power greatly reduced, bringing a certain energy saving effect.No longer ride, energy-saving effect is more significant.
2, modification program
    with two XICHI CFC710 series vector inverter control escalator motor, the inverter is set to run passenger outer terminal control, speed control is set to multi-mode, which set the normal operating frequency (50Hz) p deceleration operating frequency (15Hz).Overhaul (crawling), the operating frequency is lower, at about 25Hz or so.
1 p sensor
     sensor infrared sensor, installed in the entrance of the escalator from the ground 2.5m high position, the focus lens to the direction of visitors, and slightly downward.Since running up, down escalator way to regularly exchange, therefore, each escalator entrance p outlet must be installed infrared sensors.The output of these two sensors connected to the inverter input of the timer.Escalator operation, disconnect the outlet sensor signals.
2 p no one slow elevator ride when running
     assumption, the sensor detects someone toward the escalator, the general monitoring of the sensor distance 6m, ground distance of about 4.2m, who traveled this distance takes about t0 = 5s or so, this time , the inverter from 15Hz operation to accelerate to 50Hz, as safety considerations, must be in the human set foot on the escalator should be completed prior to acceleration, acceleration time of 2s.Person to set foot on the escalator down time t1.If (t0 + t1) nobody coming period, after t2 = 5s delay, drive spin-down to 15Hz operation.
XICHI Electrical CFC710 series inverter is a high-performance vector control inverter, ideal for constant torque similar to the elevator like potential energy load, in addition, without the use of PLC and inverter built-in timing unit, set the timer unit time time (t0 + t1 + t2), someone walked into the entrance, the sensor signal to the timer, the timer starts counting at (t0 + t1 + t2) seconds, no one walked into the entrance, through (t0 + t1 + t2) seconds escalator automatically switches to low speed operation; as in (t0 + t1 + t2) seconds, someone walked into the entrance, sensor input signal for the timer is reset and re-start the timer, the escalator has been running at normal speed.
3 p renewable energy deal
     to do down the escalator at run time, the opportunity to enter renewable electric power generation state, the more the capacity to produce renewable energy is.If we do not deal with renewable energy, will cause the inverter frequency "over pressure" down, it may cause injury to passengers.Taking into account the conversion of two escalators installed in the same control room, and run up the escalator is always electric acting.So the two inverter DC bus connected via AC contactor constitute the DC bus type, down the escalator to the regenerative energy generated on the DC bus up the escalator all been utilized, no energy is wasted.However, considering the sometimes may be a run down escalators do alone, then on the use of regenerative braking energy manner.CFC710 series inverter has a built-in brake unit, simply P + p DB terminals can be connected braking resistor.
4 p electromagnetic brake
    emergency stop occurs when for some reason, you do not consider re-starting of starting with load (that is, people standing on the escalator on the starter), for safety reasons, escalators at rest must have brakes in operation Shiyou brake action.
3, after the transformation function
1 p maintain the original elevator "long-running" mode and increase the "automatic passenger run" mode coexist, the user can always choose to use one mode, when you select the original elevator "long run" mode, the inverter control circuit complete withdrawal.This allows the user to select the original mode or inverter control circuit requires maintenance, can easily switch to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.
2 p line transformation, ensure that in any operating mode can meet the national GB-16899 on escalator safety standards.
3 p "Automatic Passenger Run" mode is running, start, stop or speed conversion stable and smooth, no sense beating, comfort is good.
4 p extend equipment life, reduce material from loss.Such as: motor life, the loss of the chain, belt wear.
5 p no passengers, the elevator running at low speed when there are passengers to the entrance, the elevator automatically transferred to run at full speed.If you have no passengers left the elevator passengers, the delay after the elevator automatically transferred back to low speed operation.
4, after the transformation of the energy-saving effect and Benefits
1 p saving
    equipment installation and commissioning a drive success, smooth operation, energy-saving effect is obvious.Before the transformation frequency operation daily consumption per escalators up to 80 degrees, frequency converter running at full speed from the original run at full speed into someone, run frequency 50Hz, when no speed crawling, running frequency 15Hz, its electricity per day 28 degrees degrees, significantly reducing power consumption, the saving rate of 65%.
2 p payback period
    escalators running for a long time, no-load rate, frequency control, the saving is very significant, while the commercial electricity tariffs and relatively high, so the payback period is short, the project can be 8 month return on investment.




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