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Invite training elite team of authoritative experts
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Face to face combat training consultancy     To further enhance business communication and marketing capabilities in marketing and customer service department employees, to build the core competitiveness of marketing services team.
President of the January 14, the company invited the Oriental School of International Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Development Strategy Research Center, Professor Wu Jianfeng company middle-level cadres at and above and marketing, sales service personnel a feature called "face to face consultancy-style combat sales training . Dr. Wu, close to the actual training materials in the first training session focuses on the knowledge of marketing management, interspersed with vivid case to guide people to gradually move closer to the excellent regional manager of the team have a new understanding of the misunderstanding of the role of cognitive shape have a full understanding of the perfect personality, the content of the solid personal network to build a comprehensive understanding and management should have the ability to do the system described; for marketing business, how to efficiently carry out training, focuses on the execution of the marketing work, the table interspersed with the accumulation of experience the case about the participating students to better apply their knowledge, SPIN manual classic, simple SWOT analysis, practical USP to play as well as for customer management a variety of standard forms for marketing, sales service personnel more efficient marketing services provides a good theoretical basis for the interaction of marketing personnel and teachers in the training of the training atmosphere again and again to a climax, we are strong on the training response new year, the company will be a variety of forms of organization, content-rich foreign training to enhance the soft power of full.




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